UK SIMple Calling Plus Service

UK SIMple Calling Plus Service
+ GBP £6 call credit

US $59.00


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If you live in, or are a regular visitor to the United Kindgom, the UK SIMple Calling Plus Service is for you.

You get a United Kingdom+44 phone number and enjoy superior O2 network coverage.


  • Make Calls: £0.05/min Local & £0.05/min International
  • Receive Calls: Free
  • Send Text Messages: from £0.10
  • Receive Text Messages: Free
  • Prepaid Data: From £0.15/MB
  • Included Credit: £6.00

Key Features

  • Local UK (+44) cell phone number
  • Easy to set up forwarding of your existing number
  • Prepaid, so no contracts, monthly fees or bill shock
  • Real time online call records and recharge receipts
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Recharge via phone, web, or enable Auto-Recharge

Got an iPad or iPhone? Need a Micro or Nano SIM?

Standard, Micro and Nano SIM cards are available for purchase.
Many new phones such as the iPhone 4 and the iPad require Micro SIM cards, the iPhone 5 and iPad mini require Nano SIM cards.
There is an option to select your SIM card type during Step 1 of the purchase process (learn more)

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