The online Travel Journal is a free service available when you buy an international mobile phone or SIM card .

Journal entries
  • Update your journal from over 160 countries via text message or from a PC
  • Upload photos from your phone using email or MMS, or using the internet – or just enjoy your trip while your journal is automatically updated with pictures of the places you are visiting
  • Record a MP3 audio file using your phone and save it to your Journal using MMS, so everyone back home can listen to your stories
Map of your trip
  • Your trip is automatically plotted for you on a Google map based on wherever you use your phone
  • Your map shows images of the places you’ve visited, the local weather and links to Wikipedia for information about that location
Keep in touch with family and friends
  • Family and friends receive Post Card emails with images of the places you visit
  • With a single click (from the Post Card) they can see where you are, the local time there and if your phone is on or off
  • They can send you a message (to which you can reply) or call you direct from their PC
  • They can even see your call credit and recharge minutes for you
Keep your journal private
  • Keep your journal private, public or allow only your family and friends to view it
  • Manage privacy settings of specific journal entries and features, filtering what family and friends can view
Publish your journal automatically
  • You can even automatically publish your Travel Journal to your Facebook, Twitter or Whereivebeen account