Call from a phone

Making calls Access numbers
Country codes Rates


International calls

Using your existing local mobile carrier and existing mobile, call up to 200 countries and save up to 30%. Just dial the access number for the country you are in from your mobile and sign in to make a call.

If you are traveling internationally with your mobile, please check with your mobile carrier for any roaming costs that may be incurred.

Text messaging

Send text messages from the website to almost any mobile or cell phone worldwide. You can send a group message to up to 10 people at any one time!

Text message alerts

Receive a text message on your mobile advising you of new voicemail, email and faxmail messages. For new email, the text message will contain name of the sender, the subject and the first few lines of the email.

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Listen to email

Listen to your email, reply to, delete or forward email all from the convenience of your home, work or mobile phone. Set up auto forward from your alternate email account to your ekit account. That way you can review all your emails while you are traveling.

Travel alerts

Many Governments provide a free email travel alert service for travelers. Have these travel alert emails sent to your ekit account and you can be alerted via a text message to your mobile. You can then listen to your email over the phone (charges apply) or on the website – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile settings

Manage your auto-login and speed dials from your mobile. Receive your account balance, speed dial list and access numbers as a text message on your mobile.

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